Begin controlling your medical records today.

In collaboration with the NHS, JointCare™ places your treatment and medical records in your control.

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JointCare™ places your records securely under your ownership.

You can remove or transfer them at any time.

Welcome to JointCare™ pain recording, created in collaboration with the NHS. We've launched JointCare™ nationally for the millions of arthritis pain patients who can’t get to hospital right now.

Using JointCare™, you can record your pain levels for your own use; or to send survey results and flare reports to your doctors, who can then prescribe and advise you swiftly.

jointcare™ FOR PATIENTS

How JointCare™ works for Patients

The days of personal ownership of data are already here.
Your records belong to you.
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Fill out clinical surveys

Users will have access to a variety of healthcare surveys specifically for rheumatology patients. You'll be able to fill these out at your discretion or invite specialists into your team and they can set up a survey schedule.

Record and report flares

You'll be able to start logging your flares by describing how it feels and its intensity. This data can be for your own personal use or you can send this to your specialists.

Invite specialists

You can invite specialists to join your programme by giving them permission to share your records. Your clinical team will be able to set survey schedules, review your flares and update your medication.

jointcare™ FOR clinicians

How JointCare™ works for Clinicians

Reducing the stress of travelling for those patients who can be assessed remotely. Contact JointCare™ to administer your hospital unit.
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Schedule surveys and prescriptions

We include the most frequently used clinical surveys for use in monitoring the course of patients' recovery.

Treatment interventions can be recorded to provide an historical view of efficacy and patient progress.

Monitor your patients remotely

Clinicians can set up and modify schedules for completing surveys at appropriate intervals. Participating patients are notified by email of which surveys to complete and these are returned to the clinician via the administrative dashboard.

Critical incident (flare) reporting

Your patients are able to report flares directly through their dashboard at the time they occur, allowing you to respond efficiently with advice or medication changes. They can also submit relevant survey data concerning this flare event.


Don't just take our word for it

"Tracking my flares with the JointCare™ app is as simple as a couple of clicks. That and the schedule reminders made the whole system really easy."
TD (Gout Sufferer)
"This is a very good idea. It has saved me travelling for my checkups so much. It is very simple to use. Thank you!"
Jerry M
"Making the trip to hospital used to take me 90 minutes each way, now I use JointCare™ to get advice and report my pain bouts. It is very useful for me."
Mrs SD
"I used to tell my doctor about my flareups when I saw her at the hospital but I couldn't remember them all that well sometimes but now I can use the JointCare™ way and tell her straight away and she gets back to me quick."
What's new

We've recently launched the brand new JointCare™

Beautifully designed mobile app

Our latest update involves a brand new redesigned experience of JointCare™ that's now available in the Google Play Store.

All new dashboard view

With a brand new dashboard view you can stay up to date on your survey schedules and easily compare your survey and flare results over weeks, months and years.

Begin documenting your mental health

We understand that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, which is why we've created a journal where you can document how you're feeling. This data is then presented to you in graphs that alert you of changes.
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If you've been with us for a while the chances are that you're using an older version of JointCare™. Move over to the new and improved app today in just a few minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how much data I can store?

No. There is no limit on any of your health data and, at your request, your doctors can access any part of it that you allow. You own and control the data and you decide who can see what parts of it.

What happens to my data if I cancel my account?

At any time, you can require your data to be deleted; or sent to you; or transferred to your doctor or hospital. It is fully portable and remains your property at all times.

Do I have to have a doctor involved if I use JointCare™?

No. You can self-monitor and self record on your own for as long as you like. If you enlist a doctor to join you, there are some more surveys that they might advise besides the two we provide you here. Those are usually more beneficial when used together with a doctor's advice. If the day comes when you want to share your data with a doctor, you can do so and it can provide them with a major help in understanding and treating your problem from that point on.

Can I have my friends join my account?

Not unless they've got a GMC (General Medical Council) doctor's registration number. JointCare™ isn't like social networking media - it is here as a way of making your and your doctors' jobs of relieving your pain symptoms easier. And we wouldn't want you sharing your data with just anyone. Of course, if you have friends who experience rheumatological pain, then please do introduce them to JointCare™ so that they can create an account of their own.

How do I move over to the latest version of JointCare™?

Log in to your existing account and you’ll see, in bold orange, an invitation to migrate your account to the app. You'll then receive an email to create a new password, which you can use to log in to the new app with your existing email address.

How secure is my data?

JointCare™ uses 256-bit encryption, which is extremely secure. Your doctor accessing your data, if you opt for that, enjoys the same level of security.

Take control of your medical records today.

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